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Stanton-under-Bardon Parish Council

LCC Grass Cutting Programme - 2024

Added at 10:32 on 17 April 2024

The urban grass cutting programme started on 2nd April and there will be 6 cuts until 29th September, dates are always subject to weather.  All dates can be checked by using our online search function.


Rural grass cutting will start mid- April with the first cut being visibility splays and the 2nd and 3rd cuts being visibility splays and single swathe cuts.  This information will also be published online.


A new weed spraying contractor has been appointed on a 3-year contract.  The first treatment being carried out throughout May and June with the second treatment happening later in the summer.  More info is available on our website.


If you have any queries, we would ask that you check the website first before using the online Report it form.