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Stanton-under-Bardon Parish Council

What is a Neighbourhood Plan?

You may be aware that the Government is pursing the concept of “Localism”.  This has the intention of giving lower level local government a greater say in what happens in the future in its area.  

A Neighbourhood Plan forms part of this. Simply, it’s a community led document which concentrates (amongst other things) on the potential use and development of land within its boundaries.  It is a legal document and as such has to meet national and EU legislation.  On completion, the plan is submitted to the Borough Council for examination to ensure it meets those legal requirements and is then put to a referendum of parishioners.  Only if 50% or more agree will it be adopted.  Once adopted, the Borough Council is legally obliged to take it into consideration when deciding upon planning applications

Bagworth, Thornton and Stanton-under-Bardon Neighbourhood Planning Group

The joint Neighbourhood Plan for Bagworth, Thornton and Stanton-under-Bardon offers an opportunity for our community to shape and guide future development in our area and ensure that it meets future needs and aspirations.

The Neighbourhood Planning Steering Group has been established jointly by Bagworth & Thornton Parish Council and Stanton-under-Bardon Parish Council with a mandate to create a Neighbourhood Plan which will present a vision and produce policies for the future development of the local area.

In order to create the Plan, the Steering Group has consulted with residents, businesses, organisations and other legitimate stakeholders in order to ensure that the plan satisfies all parties.

The completed Plan, once accepted by the Planning Authority, will become part of the statutory development plan for the Hinckley & Bosworth Borough Council area, meaning that the Local Authority or planning inspectors will have to make decisions based on it when considering planning applications or appeals in the area.

Interested in getting involved? Please contact the Parish Clerk for further details.

Executive Summary

File NameLast ModifiedFile Size
Neighbourhood Plan Executive Summary.pdf23 February 2023754kB

The Plan and Appendices

File NameLast ModifiedFile Size
1 BT and S Pre Submission Version 4 February 2020.pdf23 February 20237.52MB
2 Appendix 3a Housing Needs Evidence.pdf23 February 2023798kB
3 Appendix 3c Stantonunder Bardon Census 2011 Profile 1.pdf23 February 2023250kB
4 Appendix 3b Bagworth and Thornton Census 2011 Profile 2.pdf23 February 2023248kB
5 Appendix 3d Bagworth Housing Needs Survey Analysis Report January 2017.pdf23 February 20231.39MB
6 Appendix 3e Stanton under Bardon Housing Needs Survey Analysis Report February 2018.pdf23 February 20231.24MB
7 Appendix 3f Thornton Housing Needs Surve.pdf23 February 20231.29MB
8 Appendix 4 Site Selection Framework.pdf23 February 2023105kB
9 Appendix 5 Environmental Inventory.pdf23 February 20231.39MB

Site Selection Assessment

File NameLast ModifiedFile Size
1 Site Selection Assessment Appendix 1.pdf23 February 2023229kB
10 Markfield Lane Near Stanton. 25 11 1.pdf23 February 2023200kB
11 Opposite South Charnwood High School.pdf23 February 2023200kB
12 Rear 5 Thornton Lane Stanton.pdf23 February 2023201kB
13 Side of Pub Main StreetStanton. 25 11 1.pdf23 February 2023200kB
14 Adjacent Luke Jackson Way Stanton.pdf23 February 2023201kB
2 Bagworth Lane Thornton.pdf23 February 2023205kB
3 Main Street Thornton.pdf23 February 2023200kB
4 Beech Drive Extension Thornton.pdf23 February 2023204kB
5 Rear of Main Street Extension Thornton.pdf23 February 2023203kB
6 Land Locked Site Adjacent St Peters Close.pdf23 February 2023201kB
7 Thornton Nurseries Redevelopment.pdf23 February 2023202kB
8 Off Thornton Lane Stanton.pdf23 February 2023202kB
9 Opposite White House Farm Stanton.pdf23 February 2023202kB

Heritage Impact Assessment

File NameLast ModifiedFile Size
Heritage Impact Assessment.pdf23 February 20233.39MB

Area Designation Map

File NameLast ModifiedFile Size
Area Designation Letter and Map.pdf23 February 2023289kB

Regulation 14 Consultation Forms

File NameLast ModifiedFile Size
Comments Form.pdf23 February 202389kB