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Borough Council Sets the Record Straight on Its Local Plan

Added at 01:05 on 30 April 2023

Following questions raised in Parliament this week over the status of the Hinckley & Bosworth Borough Council’s Local Plan the Council has issued the following clarification.

The Council currently has an adopted Core Strategy and Site Allocations plan, guiding development in the Borough through to 2026. Reliance on these policies ensured the Council was recently able to successfully defend an appeal for 110 houses in Barwell. The Council also has an up-to-date Good Design Guide, helping to ensure good design in all new developments.

The Council supports neighbourhood planning across the Borough, with adopted neighbourhood plans in place in Market Bosworth, Burbage, Markfield, Desford, Stoke Golding, Barlestone and Sheepy. These neighbourhood plans include locally promoted and supported allocations for future housing growth, ensuring community buy in to shape development in the borough and helping to defend against speculative development.

The Borough Council therefore has key adopted plans in place to guide development and protect the local environment and is committed to progressing its new Local Plan following a refresh of its programme published in December 2022.

The Council considers the Local Plan is crucial when it comes to planning in the borough, controlling what can be built and where.

It sets out preferred locations for new housing and employment and includes several planning policies. These policies cover issues such as conserving and enhancing the environment, sustainable transport, and addressing the growing issue of climate change.

Originally, the Local Plan had been due to be sent to the Secretary of State for examination, after the council finished the necessary public consultations on the document in March last year.

However, the Council was forced to review its timetable based on several key factors including new national requirements and housing targets, uncertainties around various Government statements on proposed changes to the Planning system, delays in the publication of promised national guidance, uncertainty over national housing targets, need for clarification over Leicester’s unmet housing need and the need for further work to assess and advise on local impacts such as highways and education.

Following legal advice on these matters the Council has been forced to review its programme. Work is now progressing in line with our revised published timetable.