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National Test of the UK's new Emergency Alerts System

National Test of the UK's new Emergency Alerts System

Added at 11:09 on 19 April 2023

You may have seen in the media or across social media platforms there will be a national test of the UK’s new Emergency Alerts system on Sunday 23 April 23rd at 3pm.

The test alert will be sent to most mobile phones across the UK. Devices will make a distinct, siren-like sound for up to 10 seconds, including on phones switched to silent mode. Phones will also vibrate and display a message about the test.  To find out how the alert works visit: and for more information:

However, it has been highlighted that this alert may pose a risk to those with a secondary or concealed phone, such as those at risk of domestic abuse.

The alert will sound, even if a phone is on silent. Therefore, if you are worried about a concealed phone being discovered, please be aware that you can opt out of the text alerts.

You can watch the video by domestic abuse charity Refuge below on how to turn-off the Emergency Alerts. However, please be aware that the service is intended to warn you when lives are in danger – only opt-out if necessary.


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